Grange Team’s Pledge to Environmental Responsibility

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We are thrilled to announce a significant stride in our commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship! The Grange Team is actively engaged in efforts to curtail the impact of our business activities on the environment, and we’re excited to share our latest initiative in collaboration with the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.


Supporting the NHS Medicines Waste Campaign

In partnership with the NHS, we are proud supporters of the upcoming Medicines Waste Campaign, spearheaded by the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. This campaign, scheduled for the weeks of Monday, April 4th, to Friday, April 8th, and Monday, April 11th, to Friday, April 15th, is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of responsible prescription medication use and correct disposal.

Why is this Campaign Essential?

The over-production and improper disposal of medicines pose significant threats to our environment. By participating in this campaign, the Grange Team aims to make a positive impact by addressing these issues head-on.

How You Can Get Involved

We invite both our esteemed patients and the wider community to actively participate in this initiative. If you are passionate about environmental sustainability and wish to contribute to a healthier community and environment, we encourage you to get involved.

Contact Us for More Information

For those interested in supporting this vital cause or seeking more information about how you can participate, please reach out to us directly. Your involvement can play a crucial role in shaping a communications campaign that will benefit our community, the environment, and the NHS in West Yorkshire.

Visit Our Website for Updates

Stay tuned for updates and further details on our website news page, where we’ll be sharing more about our involvement in the NHS Medicines Waste Campaign and how you can make a positive impact.

We appreciate your support as we embark on this meaningful journey towards environmental responsibility. Let’s make a lasting difference together!