The Grange Medical Practice & Start for Life to support your child’s development.

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Every little moments with your child makes a difference

Gain a deeper understanding of how your interactions shape your child’s brain from this video.

How can I give my child the best start in life? 

90% of your child’s brain growth happens before the age of 5. Right from the start, all those little moments you spend together with your child are building their brain. 
Every smile, cuddle, chat and game make a huge difference, helping them learn to communicate, develop confidence and make friends. 

The Start for Life “Little Moments Together” campaign, spearheaded by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), beautifully underscores the profound influence parents have on their child’s early development. Every shared moment, from giggles to story time to singalongs, plays a crucial role in building those vital brain connections that set the stage for future success. 

How this resonates deeply at The Grange Medical Practice: 

At The Grange, we understand the transformative power of these early years. As your trusted healthcare partners, we’re passionate about supporting families along this incredible journey. We believe in empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need to actively participate in their child’s development, and the Start for Life campaign perfectly aligns with this mission. 

How we link hands with Start for Life: 

  • Complementary Expertise: We offer personalized consultations that dovetail seamlessly with the information and resources available on the Start for Life website. This ensures parents receive holistic guidance encompassing both general information and tailored advice for their child’s individual needs. 
  • Bridging the Gap: The Grange Medical Practice operates as a coordinator and bridge between families and local support networks. Whether we connect you with community programs, parent groups, or early intervention services, we will help you access the resources that best suit you. 
  • Shared Values: We wholeheartedly embrace the campaign’s focus on building strong parent-child relationships through everyday interactions. Our team is here to answer your questions, offer insights, and celebrate your moments of joy and development together. 

Join us in nurturing happy, healthy futures. 

Remember, every moment matters! As you embark on this incredible parenting adventure, The Grange Medical Practice and the Start for Life campaign are here to offer support, encouragement, and a wealth of resources. Together, let’s make every interaction count and build brighter futures for our children. 

The start for life programme is not limited to patients registered with our Practice – so please share this with anyone who may benefit. 

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