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We pride ourselves on being a responsive practice and we have listened to patient feedback about eConsult service.  Patients have used this service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and recently, utilisation rates have dropped significantly.

Some of our patients said they did not like eConsult because:

It takes too long to complete the eConsult form

You don’t get an instant response or appointment

It takes a long time to answer the form and then it asks you to contact the surgery anyway

Offering patients the choice to consult online is mandatory for all GP practices and “Patchs” aims to be a more user friendly and efficient service, quicker than ever before.

A recent survey of 33,000 patients conducted by PATCHS gave the service 4.4 out of 5 stars.

With PATCHS, once you create an account, you can access advise on your laptop or smartphone at a time that suits you. Just answer a few simple questions to get started.  An Artificially Intelligent (AI) Chatbot will instantly take key messages from your query to enable us to provide patients with the quickest most appropriate care. This will replace the long list of questions on the econsult.

Patients feedback that if English wasn’t their first language they found the econsult difficult to use.

PATCHS offers translation in 30 languages so patients can send and receive messages in a language that they understand and offer improved communication.

The practice will work together with patients to test and improve the user friendliness and efficiency of the new PATCHS service going forward.  Our Patient Reference Group will be first in line to feedback about the new system on behalf of our patients.

We welcome all feedback to enable us to provide excellent patient access for their health needs.

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