Helping you to keep warm and well this winter

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Here at the Grange we are all concerned about the cost of living crisis this winter, and we care about how it’s affecting everyone, patients and staff alike.  We know from personal experience how every penny counts, and we’ve put together some links to organisations that could help with some of those costs that we all have.

Help with the cost of your health

There are schemes within the NHS to help with prescriptions and other health items that you may have to pay for, whether you qualify for free prescriptions or are on a low income and struggle to pay for them.

If you do pay for a few items on prescription regularly, maybe a pre-payment certificate could help.

All the NHS links below will take you to pages with more information on how to apply.

Keeping warm

Worried about the rising cost of putting on your heating in this cold weather?Warm Welcome has published a list of warm spaces across the country, where you can go for a few hours (or more) each day to sit in warm and cosy surroundings, and many even offer free or very cheap refreshments or lunch.  Pop in your postcode or address, and you’ll find a list of local organisations who are opening their doors this winter to anyone who needs a little warmth and maybe a little company, too.  Some spaces are council-run buildings, some community spaces, and some are in religious communities – all are non-judgmental and open to everyone, regardless of gender, culture, age, religion, etc.  There are several places around Huddersfield who will welcome you through their doors, accessible by car or public transport.

Help for children

If you have children and are concerned about the cost of new clothing for them, particularly school uniform or winter clothing, the Uniform Exchange can help.  They have a shop in Lockwood that’s open regularly, and you can request items that your children need through their website.  The lovely people who volunteer there are also knowledgable about other organisations that may be able to help with resources for children.

If anyone in your family or friendship group has learning disabilities, Learning Disability England has some resources that you could use to help them, including help with energy bills, how to stay warm and well in the winter, and applying for financial support.

Food on a budget

Worried about the price of your food shop going up every week?  You’re not alone, and one place which can help is The Bread and Butter Thing.  This is not a food bank, it’s a low-cost, mobile food club designed to combat food surplus from supermarkets and other organisations AND help people who may be struggling to afford their weekly shop.  You pay something for the food they supply, but it’s much cheaper than going to the supermarket. 

Have a look and see if this will help you or someone you know.

If you receive help with your rent, and find it hard to afford food, you might qualify for help from Fusion Housing’s food bank.

Other Huddersfield food banks that could help include Lindley food bank, Hope Newsome food bank, and the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield town centre.  For some of these you need a referral, others can help without a referral, and the Welcome Centre can also help with food for your pets, too.

Another food surplus organisation is Surplus2Purpose, who provide a full or half box of food for a small charge.  This is a little further away in Leeds, but worth considering if you have transport – perhaps a trip with friends to share petrol costs could make this even more accessible.

Local council hub

Kirklees Council has put together a page on its website with links to financial support, ways to keep you and your home warm, support with food costs, mental health support, and other kinds of help.  You can sign up for regular emails for updates on these forms of support, too.

How the practice itself can help

We can put you in touch with our social prescribing link worker, via a telephone appointment, who can refer you for tailored support to help you maintain good health and wellbeing.  They have experience in what help is available locally, and how you can access it.  Just speak to our friendly admin team and ask for an appointment with the social prescriber.

As we find more supportive and useful links for you, we will update this article.